FiiO X7


FiiO X7
Android-Based Portable Audio Player



Product Highlights

  • Supports DSD, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3, & More
  • Supports up to 64-Bit / 384 kHz
  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 3.97" IPS TFT Color Display
  • Rockchip RK3188 + ES90185 DAC Chip
  • 32GB of onboard Storage and 1GB of RAM
  • Additional microSD Card Support up to 128GB of additional memory
  • Headphone and Line/Digital Coax Output
  • Up to 9 Hours of Audio Playback



See Overview, Technical Data and Comparison below.


  • The X7 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player from FiiO is a titanium-colored, Android-based smart device that supports lossless and lossy audio files, which include WAV, FLAC, APE, ALAC, WMA, MP3, and OGG. It also supports higher formats such as DXD, DSD (up to 5.6 MHz), and PCM files at up to 64-bit/384 kHz.

    Beneath its aluminum chassis, the X7 houses an audiophile-grade architecture that includes the dynamic Rockchip RK3188, which helps ensure faster performance and long runtime with low current leakage. It's equipped with an ESS ES90185 DAC chip, which is designed to produce enhanced SNR and dynamic range. In addition to this architecture, the X7 is also highly customizable through inclusion of a removable amp module that can be swapped for different input and audio characteristic options, enabling you to customize your sound experience.

    The X7 is equipped with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and supports pairing with other compatible devices for hassle-free wireless playback. Additionally, the X7 offers a standard 3.5mm headphone/line-out port and a separate coaxial 3.5mm digital output port. It comes equipped with 32GB of internal storage (27GB available for music), 1GB of RAM, and includes a microSD card port that supports microSDXC cards up to 128GB for additional storage. The X7's internal 3500mAh li-polymer battery provides up to 9 hours of playback under normal conditions.

    Fast, Powerful, and Efficient CPU

    The X7 utilizes Rockchip's RK3188 system on chip, which incorporates a Cortex-A9 quad-core processor running at 1.4GHz, allowing you to get fast, power-efficient performance with low-leakage current.

    DAC for Enhanced Audio

    The X7 is one of the first portable audio devices to utilize the original ESS ES9018S. Its 8 output channels can be bridged 4-a-side to produce a 135 dB S/N ratio and dynamic range, with THD as low as -210 dB.

    Symmetrical Button Design with Customizable Mapping

    The X7 is equipped with 6 hard buttons, 3 on each side in a symmetrical layout. The buttons can be mapped for either left- or right-handed dominance to benefit any user.

    Intuitive and Powerful

    Designed with the "advanced audiophile" in mind, the X7 is nonetheless intuitive and features a UX design which is easy to use. Swipe from the left edge of the screen to show the "Now Playing" playlist; slide up and down on the right side of the screen to adjust the volume; customized playlist, batch additions, and other user-friendly functions are also available.

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Support

    The X7 is equipped with Bluetooth technology for pairing with other Bluetooth-compatible devices and supports wireless playback and remote control. Built-in Wi-Fi enables you to play music from online sources using the FiiO Music app or other 3rd party applications.

    Docking Expansion

    Increase the X7's functionality by pairing it with the FiiO-exclusive K5 docking amplifier (sold separately). The K5 charges the X7 while it's docked and provides extra functionality, including a balanced line out, AUX line in, and more.

    Line Output Parameters

    THD+N: <0.0007% (10 kOhms;/kHz)
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
    Channel Separation: 100 dB (10 kOhms/1 kHz)
    SNR: ≥115 dB (A-weighted)
    Dynamic Range: >115 dB
    Line Level: >1.4 Vrms (10 kOhms/1 kHz)

    Headphone Output Parameters

    Output Power 1:>100 mW(32 ohms/1 kHz)
    Output Power 2:>200 mW(16 ohms/1 kHz)
    Output Power 3:>10 mW(300 ohms/1 kHz)
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
    SNR: ≥115 dB (A-weighted)
    Output Impedance: 0.2 ohms (32 ohm load)
    Channel Separation: 73 dB (32 ohms/1 kHz)
    THD+N: 0.0008% (32 ohms/1 kHz)
    Peak Output Voltage: 5.2 Vp-p
    Max. Output Current: 250 mA

    Additional Features

    • Firmware updates
    • Data transfer: USB 2.0
    • Play order & modes
    • Library management
    • Visualizations
    • ID3
    • Resume playback
    • EQ Adjustments
    • UI Settings
    • Shutdown timer
    • Headphone detection
    • Wi-Fi support
    • Bluetooth 4 + edr
    • Gapless playback
    • 3.97" IPS TFT toucschreen display
    • Light sensor and accelerometer
    • Balance Control: Max 10 db bias
    • Volume Control: 120 steps +/- button control
    • Equalizer: 10-band EQ, 8 presets + custom preset, freestyle EQ curve
    • Gain Control: Low/High

  • Model/Number: X7
    Operating System: Deeply customized android 4.4.4
    CPU Model: Rk3188
    No Of Cores: 4
    DAC: ES9018S
    Keyboard Virtual QWERTY
    Input: Touch Screen
    Special Features: Dual Android / Pure Music operating modes, symmetrical customizable keys, separate interchangeable amp modules, USB DAC, docking connector, etc.
    User Interface: Android 4.4.4/FiiO Music


    WIFI: 2.4GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n standards supported
    Bluetooth: 2.4GHz Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR
    USB: Micro USB 2.

    Display Screen:

    Display Size: 3.97 inches
    Number of Colors: 16.7 million
    Display Type: IPS TFT
    Viewable Angles: 178 degrees
    Resolution 480x800
    Pixel Density: 233ppi
    Touch Screen: 5 simultaneous touch points


    Light Sensor: Included
    NFC: Not included
    Accelerometer: Included


    RAM: 1GB
    Total ROM: 32GB
    Storage Expansion Type: Micro SD
    ROM Available to User: About 27G
    Maximum Storage Expansion: 128GB

    Buttons and Ports:

    Buttons: Side Buttons + Touch Screen
    Custom Key Mapping: Supported
    Headphone Out: 3.5mm
    Balanced Output: Supported
    Line Out/Coax Out: 3.5mm
    USB: Micro USB2.0 charging/data transfer/USB DAC


    Color: titanium
    Dimensions: 130 mm× 64 mm× 16.6 mm
    Weight: 220g
    Volume Control: 120 steps +/- button control (via analog-domain controller
    Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16~300 Ω (depending on fitted amp module)
    Equalizer: 10-band EQ (±6dB), 8 presents + custom present, freestyle EQ curve drawing
    Bass Boost: N/A
    Treble: N/A
    Balance Control: Max. 10 dB bias
    Gain Control: low/high
    USB DAC: Up to 384kHz/32bit supported, DSD supported (driver installation required on computer)


    USB Power Adaptor: Adaptor: DC5V 2A recommended
    Battery: Internal 3500 mAh Li-polymer battery
    Charging Indication: Via LCD display and pulse LED
    Battery Indication: yes
    Charging Time: < 4.5 Hours

    Partial Performance:

    THD: < 0.0007
    SNR: > 115dB (A-Weighted)
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
    Dynamic Range: > 115dB
    Channel Separation: >100 dB (10 KΩ/1 kHz)
    Line Level: >1.4 Vrms (10 KΩ/1 kHz)
    Output Impedance: <0.2 Ω(32Ω load)
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
    Peak Output Voltage: >5.2 Vp-p
    SNR: ≥115 dB (A-weighted)
    Max Output Current: >250 mA (For reference)