FiiO K5


K5-2 K5-3 K5-5

FiiO K5
Docking Headphone Amplifier/DAC



Product Highlights

  •  Built exclusively for FiiO devices.
  • Compatible with X Series players and E17K DAC
  • High output to power high-end headphone.
  • Expands DAC Function of FiiO devices.
  • Multiple input ports for additional functionality.
  • Balanced Line output
  • Syncronized power on/off functions with plugged in device



See Overview, Technical Data and Comparison below.


  • The K5 is the latest docking station from FiiO. It is compatible with the X1, X3ii, X5ii and X7 players, as well as the E17K DAC. With a 11pin micro USB port this allows you facilitate exclusive docking expansion functions such as amplifications and charging. the K5 allows further amplification of the X1, X3ii, X5ii and X7 players and E17K’s DACS signal through directly connecting them to the USB source, through the USB IN port.  A USB DAC driver installation for X3ii/X5ii/X7/E17K is required (where applicable). Besides normal RCA line output, the K5 also possesses balanced line output functionality when docked to the X5ii or X7. It can also be connected to other professional amplifier components for further improved sound.

  • Weight: 450g
    Dimensions: 120 x 130 x 55 (mm)
    Battery Capacity: N/A
    Battery Life: N/A
    Charging Time: N/A
    Audio Input: 6.35mm Stereo Jack
    Volume Control: analog potentiometer
    Drive Ability: 16 to 300 ohms
    Output Amplitude: > 75 mW
    THD: <0.002%
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
    Input Sensitivity: >0 dB
    Crosstalk: > 70dB
    GAIN: 12dB
    MAX Output Voltage: 20 Vp-p
    Colour Available: Titanium
    Headphone Output: 6.25 mm stereo jack
    Sample Rate: Max 96kHz/24bit supported
    Power Input: DC15V/1.5A
    Output Impedance: < 1
    Signal to Noise Ratio: > 110 dB
    MAX input level: N/A
    Channel Imbalance: < 0.3dB
    MAX output current: 35.93mA
    Bass Boost Range: N/A

    Frequency Response diagram of curves


    Distortion Diagram of curves