FiiO A5

FiiO A5
Stereo Headphone Amplifier


Product Highlights

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Improved channel balance and lower noise floor compared to the E12
  • Power, Volume, and EQ Controls
  • 3.5mm I/O Jacks
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery through micro USB port


See Overview, Technical Data and Comparison below.


  • The new FiiO A5 achieves nearly the same powerful output of the original E12 Mont Blanc unit but with improved channel balance and a lower noise floor that's ideal for driving highly sensitive in-ear headphones on the 'Low Gain' setting.

    The FiiO A5 headphone amp charges via USB connection from any 5 Volt supply via a laptop computer, tablet or most smartphones and takes about 3 hours to fully charge up. Our A5 review unit arrived fully charged and ready to rock right out of the box. The battery run time of the FiiO A5 unit rates somewhere around 12-13 hours, so you'll be able to keep the music flowing without worries when you're listening on the go all day or during those long cross continental flights.

    In addition to the High/Low gain switch, the A5 unit also has a bass boost button, so it does allows for some audio customization for your particular headphones and listening tastes. A high-quality smooth operation ALPS potentiometer graces the front panel along with the gain switch, plus 3.5mm line input and headphone outputs placed side by side.

    The super-slim A5 amp housing contains the bass boost switch on the side panel next to the USB charging connector. The top case shows off two mini LED lights, a deep blue LED light indicating on/off and a red light showing the battery charging status. The A5 amp case itself is an extremely slim-profile, sandblasted grey aluminum chassis and it measures approximately 2 1/2" inches wide by 4 1/2" inches long and only a 1/4" thick - so no doubt, it's a really small little box!

    The FiiO A5's slick and sturdy aluminum build quality joined with its miniaturized but super-potent headphone amp circuit delivers a massive audio statement in sound quality performance and muscular output power from a tiny palm-sized device. The cool case also wraps the whole shebang up in some pretty sweet cosmetic looks that belie the nicely affordable cost of the A5 amp. The Fiio A5 has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor with a 6-month FiiO replacement warranty offered on the battery.

  • Model/Number A5
    Weight 168g
    Dimensions 124 mm×65.5 mm×14.5 mm
    Battery Capacity 880mAh
    Battery Life 12 - 13 Hours
    Charging Time 3 Hours
    Color Available Titanium Headphone output 3.5mm stereo Jack
    Audio Input 3.5mm stereo jack Bass Boost 1 Level
    Volume Control ALPS Potentiometer Power input recommend DC5V 2A
    Drive ability 16~300Ω(recommend) Output Impedance <0.3 Ω
    Output Power ≥ 150mW@300Ω, >800 mW@32 Ω Signal to Noise Ratio >115dB (A-weighted)
    THD + N <0.002% (1Khz) MAX input Level > 8 Vrms
    Frequency Response 10Hz~90KHz Channel imbalance < 0.3 dB
    Input Sensitivity 5.6 V (GAIN=L), 1.15V (GAIN=H) Bass Boost Range > 5 dB
    Crosstalk ≥ 75 dB MAX output current 250 mA
    Gain 13 dB
    MAX output voltage 14.96 Vp-p

    Frequency Response diagram of curves
    Test condition:Input=1.1V, Load=32 ohms, Vol=Max, Gain=L,
    Blue curve: Left channel    Red curve: Red channel



    Frequency Response diagram of curves.
    Test condition:Input=1.1V, Load=32 ohms, Vol=Max, Gain=L,
    Blue curve: Left channel    Red curve: Right channel


    Distortion diagram of curves(GAIN=L)


    Distortion diagram of curves (GAIN=H)

  • Model/NumberA5A3A1
    General Specifications
    Color AvailableTitaniumBlack, TitaniumTitanium
    Dimensions124 mm×65.5 mm×14.5 mm91.2 x 56 x 13 (mm)42 x 40.7 x 9.4 (mm)
    Weight168 g92 g20g
    Power Indicator YesYesYes
    Audio input3.5mm stereo jack3.5mm stereo jack3.5mm stereo jack
    Headphone output3.5mm stereo jack3.5mm stereo jack3.5mm stereo jack
    Headphone Impedance Range16~300Ω(recommend)16~150Ω(recommend)16~150Ω(recommend)
    Volume ControlALPS PotentiometerALPS PotentiometerDigital volume control
    Line Control for deviceNONONO
    BASS Boost1 Level1 Level2 Level
    GAIN Control2 Level2 LevelNO
    Cross feedNONONO
    Supply Voltage AdjustableNONONO
    Audio Performance
    Output Power>800 mW(32Ω/THD<1%)
    >450 mW (16 Ω/THD+N<1%)>100 mW (16 Ω/THD+N<1%)
    Frequency Response10 Hz~90 kHz10 Hz~90 kHz20 Hz~20 kHz
    Output impedance<0.3Ω<0.2Ω<0.2Ω
    Crosstalk>75dB@ 1KHz>72dB@ GAIN=H≥65dB@ 1KHz
    THD+N<0.002% (1 kHz)<0.004% (1 kHz)<0.05% (1 kHz
    MAX BASS Boost>5dB@ BASS = ON>5 dB (BASS ONBass1: 2.7dB bass boost
    Bass2: 5.2dB bass boost
    Bass3: 5.2dB bass reduction
    MAX Gain≥13 dB>11 dB3.65 dB
    Peak Output Voltage14.96 Vp-p> 8.67VP-P4.52 Vp-p
    MAX output Current250 mA> 92.6mA50 mA
    Input Overload250 mA/1.35Vrms
    Power and Battery
    Power/Chargerrecommend DC5V 2A< recommend DC5V 1A
    recommend DC5V 0.8~1A
    Charging IndicatorYesYesYes
    Low battery AlarmYesYesNO
    Smart ChargeYesYesNO
    Replaceable BatteryNONONO
    Battery Life> 13H> 16H> 13H
    Charge Time<3 h<4 h≤90 mins